painting a house

Whenever people think of giving a new look to their home or apartment painting appears to be the best option. It is no doubt a simple way that can leave a beautiful effect on the interiors and exterior of your home. Unfortunately, many people choose to do it on their own to save some money. […]...

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deciding between wallpaper and paint

It doesn’t matter how expensive furniture you use in your interiors. If your walls don’t appear perfect, it will enhance the appearance of your house. It will have a great impact on the aesthetics of your house, whether you use paint or wallpaper. Make sure to first focus on your walls, when you are re-decorating […]...

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painters and decorators auckland

When it comes to painting a house, everyone wants the process to go smoothly and get a beautifully professional-looking finish. Here we have compiled 10 tips and techniques that will help you to make your house painting projects go faster and smoother. We have also given smart tips that will help you to reduce your […]...

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Painting your home to give it a brand new look is a little different than painting it for staging purposes. Because a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest as well as most cost effective ways to transform your living place into a good looking modern place. Of course, adding some fresh colour […]...

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When it comes to interior painting, good preparation is very important to achieve a perfect and long-lasting finish. Because nothing can beat a good paint, particularly if you have done it on your own. If you use poor quality materials and tools or wrong techniques, it can result in huge costs, more time and a […]...

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diy painting tips NZ

Interior painting is perhaps the best and easiest way to give a fresh and better look to your house. But if you are not careful, the whole painting project can turn into an unpleasant experience. So, next time when you paint, make sure to learn new techniques, buy and prepare the essential tools and learn […]...

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