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Fibrous Plaster Cornice

The Fibrous plastering is the process of installation and plastering of solid plaster of Paris sheets reinforced with fibres and used mainly as sheeting, cornice moulding and cover strips. It is decorative and placed on the ceilings and interiors of the walls. It is used for round and enhanced casings for ornamental work, columns and girders which is already accomplished in the shop before finally placing in position.

Since 1906, Fibrous plaster cornice is very commonly utilize in New Zealand buildings. It does not have a paper face such as GIB. This is why, it has exactly the same material on the front of the sheet as on the plastered join. The consistent texture goes well with large surfaces as it disguise it joins quite well. Because of which remained the preferred material for ceilings, until the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Fibrous Plaster Cornices Flyer

A number of folks still feel that fibrous plaster cornice is the best material to provide excellent stability and quality finish. Its stability is shown from the fact that the plasterboard sheets are joined to the ceiling battens along with fibres and plaster coiled around the battens.

Currently, Fibrous has become a more premium choice and is widely used in high end homes. Fibrous plastering also involves a decorative component with traditional, plain or ornate corbels, cornices, columns, domes, arches, scrolls, niches or ceiling roses.

Finally, here at Interior Drywall Solutions (IDS), we have experienced and skilled fibrous specialists who are very passionate to work on beautiful fibrous cornices. Our specialist can install the fibrous plaster cornice of your choice.

Fibrous Plaster Cornice Mouldings

The houses in New Zealand use a hundred of Fibrous Plaster Cornice mouldings, which are available in a variety of styles ranging from 90mm to 300mm styles. They come in a huge variety of styles. From plain or simple designs to a more intricate style including vertical patterns.

At IDS, we have expert fibrous plaster cornice installers who can fit these to new as well as existing homes. Fibrous plaster cornices improve the level of refinement and maintains the authenticity of your house. Which is difficult to achieve by using plain timber mouldings or GIB Coves.

Our Fibrous Services Include:

  • Fibrous Cornice;
  • Fibrous ceiling installation;
  • Ceiling roses and corbels;
  • Fibrous restoration and repairs.

If you are looking for improving your place with a more modern look. We can use Fibrous plaster cornice plastering to match your current requirement. Because while renovating the older houses, matching the already existing cornices ensures to maintain the original style. To accomplish the match, our GIB stoppers in Auckland will require removing a sample of your fibrous cornice. We remove the reasonable length of fibrous cornice is in a way that it maintains its good condition. After matching the fibrous cornice in your house, if we find that it is not available anymore. We will be happy to individually manufacture a fibrous cornice particularly for your house. Generally, our expert specialists can install and match nearly any fibrous plaster cornice or ornate plaster.

Therefore, if you are planning on improving the style and property value of your place by using Fibrous plaster cornice or GIB coves. Please secure an appointment with IDS today to discuss your project.